Technical approache


To breathe is to live !
We are born in inspiring and  we leave in exhaling ....

Breathing is influenced by our feelings and our breath has an impact on the physical,
psychological , and spiritual energy .

Conscious Breathing is a psychocoporal technical approach for :

Releasing physical and psychological tensions
Management of stress, nervousness , insomnia ...
Drainage and slowing aging
A bigger confidence and self-esteem                                                                                            Circulation of our vital energy and harmonization of the 7 Chakras                                             The letting go and emotional release
The meeting with the inner child and the connection to be deep
Reconnect our inner power and our original joy
The states and meditative mindfulness ...

A breathing session lasts 1h30 and takes place in music.
After a time of speech, the person is asked to lie on a floor mat.
The Conscious Breathing is a breath (hyper oxygenation ) by the mouth at the top of
the thorax, abundant, continuous , full and relaxed in consciousness.
" I breathe life and I release what hinders me ."
A period music integration and a fence with a new time of speech.

Price : 75 €


REIKI : Reiki ( REI : Universal Energy and KI: vital energy) is a manual therapy which provides energy reharmonisation by imposition of hands on certain parts of the body including the Chakras and auras .

Reiki is a psycho- technical approach for :

  • Deep relaxation by releasing energy blockages
  • Refocusing by a reconnection to the " here and now"
  • A rebalancing of the 7 energy centers (chakras)

A session of Reiki is a healing energy that lasts about 1 hour and takes place in music.                     The person is lying on a massage table and remains dressed.

Price : 60 €