Chantal Gerstmans
Registered nurse and midwife
Certified psycho therapist
Certified Reiki Practitioner

Fascinated by the mystery of life, I worked for 18 years in the delivery room where I coached couples to become parents and then I turned to the pedagogy, equally passionate about and it makes 12 years that I guide my future colleagues to support in turn.
Parallel to this career, married and mother of 3 children I am always in search of the meaning of life and I am passionate about the human and psychology. Convinced by global vision therapeutic, I treat myself and my family through parrallèles medicines.

After years of verbal therapy and numerous trainings, courses .... the relationship and communication, I am led to understand the human and myself....
I fallow numerous sessions in complementary and alternative medicine, and various body techniques because the body for me has his importance, I am led to feel better and I am more connected ...

I follow many courses and workshops for personal development (voice, emotions, colors and chakras ... Body expression and release of tension (MLC, yoga, dancing 5 rhythms, active meditations, bodywork ...) Creative expression through art .... Femininity, sisterhood and spirituality with women circles, Skydancing Tantra and spiritual connection by sound trips, introduction to shamanism ...).

I also turn to the mind-body therapies to fully inhabit my body , my emotions and my feelings by raising awareness this time it is especially "Feel" to understand and not the reverse ... Realizing felt by the obvious presence of my inner child, my inner being , and my feminine power , I began a cycle of one year on ' sacred feminine "where I discovered the importance of sisterhood and the balance in masculine and feminine polarities.

I then make a 3-year training to become " psychophysical therapist " whose the main tool is the  "Conscious Breathing / Rebirth ". My working graduation of the end of training is called "From Conscious Breathing to let go. When the feeling of losing preceding that end up ... ".         During this time, I follow in parallel a cycle on " Sexuality and Spirituality " where I discovered a sacred dimension to the meeting of yin and yang in oneself and in the relationship.

Over the years , I am increasingly aware of the impact of the past on the experiences of today and how essential it is to be a caring adult for the injured child who sometimes lives in us.

All these therapies and techniques referred to " well-being " allowed me to be much more who i am, but to date, the Conscious Breathing is the only technical method that really helped me unload the weight of the past and I am more than convinced that breathing today helps (re) born to oneself .

It is with enthusiasm that I accompany again, but this time, any person to give birth to her innermost being and unborn, this being that was buried under layers of protection but remained intact and asks only (re) born.

In the inspiration, something else always present but buried, slowly comes back to the surface. The breath passes through the center itself and returns to itself through itself rekindles the spark inner being, our essence. dark and light moments follow one another to broaden the awareness of who we are, and that alone already makes possible the healing of the soul .